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One of the first things I wanted to tackle when I bought my new home was the fence. It was old, leaning, and missing boards. It certainly was not up to the task of keeping the dogs in our back garden. I wanted a new fence which provided privacy, strength to keep the dogs contained, and was maintenance free. This blog is all about fences. I plan to write about the different types, how to maintain them, and how to choose the perfect fence for your situation. From steel to bamboo, privacy to animal containment, there is a lot to know about the different fences available to you.

4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Business Should Consider Automated Gate Installation


Before anyone enters a business, the main gate is what typically grabs their attention. Therefore, to create an excellent first impression for your business, it's imperative to install the right gate on your premises. Today, almost every business aspect is taking a digital route, including security gate installation. 

While you can't install your gates using the internet, you can use it to achieve proper gate control. This post discusses some of the main advantages of gate automation for your commercial business. 

Offers Enhanced Security

Top on the list of benefits offered by automated gates is enhanced security. Protecting your premises is the primary reason to install any gate, and the automated types make trespassing and illegal access harder. 

Additionally, an automated gate helps deter advertisers and uninvited salespeople. Furthermore, you can configure them to offer restricted access for individuals who are deemed a threat to your business. 

Provides a Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in automated gates is a cost-effective security measure. It's a one-time investment that will remove the need for hiring gatekeepers or security guards who require monthly wages. 

Automated gates are appropriate when you need to save money, especially for startup businesses where the security budget is minimised so that money can instead be spent on other essential business concerns. 

It's Time Saving

Opening and closing the gate every time people enter or leave the premises can be frustrating and time-consuming. It means more time wasted by employees and consequently reduced productivity. 

You can avoid such delays by installing an automatic gate. Furthermore, you can fit modern sensors to allow automatic entry for registered employees once they approach it. 

Promotes a Positive Impression

Regarding a company's corporate image, first impressions matter significantly. Presentation is crucial, and a gate is the first physical installation clients notice when they visit. 

Generally, automated gates can have a substantial positive effect on your business partners and clients due to the high-end technology employed. Such gates can elevate a company's status and offer proof that it's up-to-date with the evolving world and determined to adapt to change.

Highly Convenient 

Finally, automated gates are usually operated by buttons, remotes, or sensors. You can also hire experienced fencing contractors to integrate high-tech features such as biometric scanners and facial recognition capabilities. That means any employee can gain quick access without technical assistance. As such, they are highly convenient and easy to use by any authorised employee on the premises.

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19 October 2020