Choosing A New Residential Fence

One of the first things I wanted to tackle when I bought my new home was the fence. It was old, leaning, and missing boards. It certainly was not up to the task of keeping the dogs in our back garden. I wanted a new fence which provided privacy, strength to keep the dogs contained, and was maintenance free. This blog is all about fences. I plan to write about the different types, how to maintain them, and how to choose the perfect fence for your situation. From steel to bamboo, privacy to animal containment, there is a lot to know about the different fences available to you.

Why Is Chain Mesh Fencing a Sensible Choice?


Chain mesh fencing is seen all over the world and it is particularly favoured in Australia where it is often used in agricultural settings to provide boundary protection against intruders, both people and animals. Sometimes referred to as chain link fencing, it is manufactured at a relatively low cost because, other than the supports that are needed to keep it upright, the fencing itself is made from nothing more than wire. According to the Australasian Fence Industry Association, there are two main diameters of wiring used in modern chain link fences, 3.15 mm and 2.5 mm. Whichever size you opt for, why would it be a good choice?

Ease of Installation

To begin with, installing chain mesh fencing is much simpler than the main alternatives. Wooden fence panels, for example, required full fence posts to be driven into the ground. Fitting palisade fencing is similarly as labour intensive. On the other hand, a chain mesh fence is supplied on a roll. You can simply unroll it and attach it to metal brackets within minutes. Even these fixing points are much easier to install because they can be inserted into the ground and require no concrete foundation to keep them upright. As such, chain mesh fencing is not just inexpensive to purchase but affordable to install, as well.

Zero Maintenance

So long as it is installed properly, you don't need to do anything to look after a chain mesh fence. It will put up with all weather conditions without rusting. It won't suffer in high winds because it is full of holes. The wind cannot push it over because it simply passes through it. You do not need to treat it either, as you would have to with a wooden fence installation, for example. The most you will ever need to do is to remove any rubbish that might get caught in it.

Great Protection

Chain link fences are perfect for protecting you and your property. With a chain mesh fence running around your garden, business premises or farmland, it is very difficult for people to get in. Once a chain-link fence is installed at a height of two metres, or more, you cannot climb over it without considerable effort and planning. That height is also more than enough to keep wild animals at bay. You can also add further mesh to the bottom of the fence that will keep out unwanted visitors, such as snakes, for instance. Equally, of course, chain mesh fencing prevents children, livestock and pets from getting out, thereby keeping them safe, too.

To learn more about chain mesh fencing, reach out to a local fencing contractor.


16 October 2020