Choosing A New Residential Fence

One of the first things I wanted to tackle when I bought my new home was the fence. It was old, leaning, and missing boards. It certainly was not up to the task of keeping the dogs in our back garden. I wanted a new fence which provided privacy, strength to keep the dogs contained, and was maintenance free. This blog is all about fences. I plan to write about the different types, how to maintain them, and how to choose the perfect fence for your situation. From steel to bamboo, privacy to animal containment, there is a lot to know about the different fences available to you.

Factors To Consider When Picking A Slat Aluminium Driveway Gate


Driveway gates fashion the entrance to your home. They thus need to flatter the building's front while providing security. When installing an aluminium slat model, you'll need to consider a range of factors which are outlined below.

Space And Landscape  

Your garden aspect will shape the opening mode of a new gate, whether it slides neatly to the side or swings open. Sliding models require space alongside the fence. Swinging gates, though, need space in front or behind to accommodate the swing. If you have a small driveway that houses multiple cars, an inward arc motion may not be suitable as you'll need to leave vacant space. Another consideration is the flatness of the entrance — a gate can't swing on upward sloping ground.  

Structure Options  

Slat gates offer a middle option between solid opaque barriers, made of timber or sheet metal, and tubular metal options. With gaps between the slats, they're visually lighter than opaque gates. However, the slats offer more privacy than tubular metal railings. 

A slat gate provides incredible versatility as you can tailor the slat width and their inter-space to personalise its style. For a solid look, you could fit wide slats close together, minimising light and gaps. Otherwise, set slimmer slats farther apart. These combinations affect the privacy that the gate affords and its aesthetic sense of lightness or heaviness. With gaps in between, a slat gate has a slenderer feel than one that's totally opaque.


Another factor to explore is the slat colour. Typically, your choices will be somewhat dictated by the hue of the fencing. However, when installing a new gate, you might consider a total change of colour for both. Typically, gate shades will relate to the architecture and landscape in some way. If the window and door trim is white, then a white fence will harmonise well. Black blends with red brick and stone, maintaining a rustic, classic vibe. If your home is covered in warm, tan bricks, then you may prefer a brown slat fence.  

Overall, when installing aluminium slat gates, you'll need to consider practical and aesthetic factors, the main ones being the opening style, the slat pattern and the colour. Practically examine the landscape and the space it allows, as well as your privacy needs. Aesthetically think about the lightness versus heaviness of the structure and how its colour flatters the overall landscape.

For more information about aluminium slat gates and other options, reach out to a professional. 


29 July 2020