Choosing A New Residential Fence

One of the first things I wanted to tackle when I bought my new home was the fence. It was old, leaning, and missing boards. It certainly was not up to the task of keeping the dogs in our back garden. I wanted a new fence which provided privacy, strength to keep the dogs contained, and was maintenance free. This blog is all about fences. I plan to write about the different types, how to maintain them, and how to choose the perfect fence for your situation. From steel to bamboo, privacy to animal containment, there is a lot to know about the different fences available to you.

Reasons To Install Lattice Screening Around Your Property


If you're looking for a way to improve your garden so you'll welcome spending more time there, you could consider lattice screening. Here are some reasons you might want to install this material around your property.

Conceal Eyesores

Lattice screening is perfect for concealing unsightly parts of the garden. You might have a compost heap, which is not the most attractive object to gaze upon, or an outdoor airconditioning unit might ruin your garden ambience. To filler out this ugliness, surround these objects with lattice screens. While they'll block the view, because the lattice is not solid, it won't create the effect of a smaller garden. Conversely, an opaque fence creates a definitive barrier that doesn't give a hint of space beyond. Thus the yard feels smaller.

Add Privacy

Sitting around a patio or outdoor deck, reading or chatting with others is a great way to spend time. But if neighbours or the street overlooks your terrace, it can feel uncomfortable. Lattice screening is an excellent way to create privacy without a hemmed-in feeling. The latticework, being half open and half concealing, strikes the perfect balance between seclusion and openness.

Additionally, these screens allow for airflow, keeping your patio fresh. At the same time, however, the lattice pattern tempers strong wind, thus making the patio more comfortable in these conditions. A solid fence, on the other hand, tends to visually confine areas plus block welcome breezes.

Introduce A Decorative Feature

You might be searching for a decorative element to add to your garden, and lattice screens provide an appealing attraction. They're available in a range of colours that blend with different environments. You could go with a delicate white or beige or create a rustic feel with green screening. Alternatively, you could make a statement with a bright blue lattice. For added appeal, plant climbing vines to cover the surface with lush foliage and flowers.

Shore Up Your Backyard Fence

You can also combine lattice screens with your backyard fence to increase its height to make your garden more private overall. If you construct a high opaque wall, the garden can feel like somewhat of a fortress as the barrier towers over the space. Using lattice screening, though, your reap the benefits of privacy without losing out in other ways. It's the ideal compromise.

Thus lattice screening can perform a variety of roles, from hiding eyesores to creating privacy. They add a decorative element upon which you can grow and develop beautiful climbing vines. For more information, speak with a professional who provides lattice screening services. 


26 June 2020