Choosing A New Residential Fence

One of the first things I wanted to tackle when I bought my new home was the fence. It was old, leaning, and missing boards. It certainly was not up to the task of keeping the dogs in our back garden. I wanted a new fence which provided privacy, strength to keep the dogs contained, and was maintenance free. This blog is all about fences. I plan to write about the different types, how to maintain them, and how to choose the perfect fence for your situation. From steel to bamboo, privacy to animal containment, there is a lot to know about the different fences available to you.

Reasons Why You Should Install Stainless Steel Balustrades in Your Home


Stainless steel is a durable and naturally beautiful construction finishing material. Balustrades made of steel provide decorative applications for bridges, staircases, balconies and other areas. Although there are viable options that design great railings, stainless steel balustrades outweigh them all. Here are the notable benefits which they offer to both residential and commercial apartments.

1. Affordable

Stainless steel balustrades do not have competition when it comes to cost. Firstly, steel is an accessible material, and thus, it saves you a considerable amount of money when purchasing. Secondly, steel balustrades are cost-effective to install since they do not require a unique handling process. Lastly, it is easy to maintain the steel balustrades, and this saves you the ongoing maintenance cost.

2. Aesthetic appeal

Stainless steel balustrades combine well with all types of interior design schemes. The steel comes in two main types: satin and the mirrored finishes. Both styles offer a luxurious appearance, especially when you pair them with glass. If you are looking for balustrades that will improve both your interior and exterior décor, stainless steel will give you eye-catching results.

3. Durable

Steel consists of carbon and iron, which make it a solid material. It is a sensible option, especially if you install it in a commercial setting where thousands of people will be leaning on it every day. Apart from its ability to serve you for a long time, stainless steel balustrades are smooth and easy to grip. 

4. Variety of choices

Stainless steel does not have a limit to the size and designs. It comes in different options, providing a large pool of opportunities to select from. For instance, you can choose to have straight or curved balustrades. Moreover, you can customise the steel to get the exact size, shape or design that meets your specific requirements. 

5. Rust-resistant

We cannot end our list without mentioning rust resistance! This feature enables the balustrades to stay for an extended period without rust regardless of the climate. When you maintain them well, they will keep a clean look, which is naturally more appealing than that of the other materials.

Stainless steel is undoubtedly one of the oldest building materials. It provides a long-lasting finishing solution to buildings, especially when you get the best quality steel material. If you are currently searching for the best materials for your balustrades, try stainless steel and experience the above benefits, and much more.


20 October 2019